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Implement One Of Many Solutions.

And Watch Your Business Grow.

Networld Solutions is a leading provider of value-added Information Technology solutions. Our experts realize there are many choices available when selecting an IT consulting company but with our niche services and unmatched expertise we are second to none. Our staff can help your business grow through consulting, business transformation, e-commerce, website development and network infrastructure services.

As value-add IT consultants in K-12 EdTech, Healthcare and SMB/Enterprise, we know we can help grow your organization with the strategic use of IT. We pride ourselves on customization and can design and implement any solution to fit your business. Through our service-marked methodology, MapIT™, a proven approach to solving e-business and technology infrastructure challenges, we can help your facility achieve highly customized, state-of-the-art technology solutions- the right way.

IT Consulting
Networld consulting

Eliminating Risk, Delivering Rewards.

Business is made up of both risks and rewards. Our experts understand how to minimize the risks and deliver the rewards while addressing your most critical Information Technology challenges. NWS is a services-only firm, which means we are unbiased in providing assessments and recommendations and will not attempt to push a specific architecture or solution during our consulting engagement. Our goal with each client is to propose the right technology for your environment.

Our Plan Build Manage methodology trademarked as MapIT is concentrated in four critical areas of IT:

  • IT Transformation- Our transformation process can fundamentally change the way you think about your entire operation and completely redefine your relationships with your customers, employees, distributors, and vendors. We offer our clients a full variety of solutions ranging from comprehensive strategic planning to complete web-based application customization.
  • IT Infrastructure- Our service-marked methodology, MapIT, provides our consulting team with a system of rules, principles, procedures and practices that guide the customized IT infrastructure solutions we develop. This includes "ground-up" technology infrastructure design, re-design of an existing environment, or simply optimize and support what you have.
  • IT Organization- We help clients define the role and mission of their IT organization, design more effective organization structures, improve governance, and identify new people-and talent management practices. We also help new corporate leaders set agendas, processes and short/long-term goals.
  • IT Sourcing- We develop overall IT and business-process sourcing strategies to help our clients develop partner relationships, agreements and/or contracts with select manufacturers/vendors. This enables organizations to optimally develop, manage and control vendor contracts, relationships and performance for the efficient delivery of.

Our clients value Networld Solutions' recognized strengths in strategy, organization, and operations. Contact us today regarding your next IT initiative and let us MapIT.

K-12 Technology
Networld education

Technology Has Power To Help Students Achieve.

With years of experience providing leading-edge technology solutions, Networld Solutions experts realize the power of technology in schools and what it enables our youth to achieve. Today’s students must learn more than the basics to be prepared for life. Using technology, students develop learning skills, such as thinking and problem-solving skills, information and communication skills, and interpersonal and self-directional skills.

There is substantial evidence that technology has become a vital component for the success of the entire educational enterprise:

  • Technology improves learning and achievement among students of all backrounds, ages and abilities.
  • Technology improves school efficiency, productivity and decision making
  • Technology improves achievement in reading, writing and mathematics

The ongoing pressure to advance K-12 technology landscape in schools while meeting budgetary requirements can be overwhelming. That’s where our experts come in. We have been helping educational professionals tackle this sometimes daunting task. Let us help you get to where you need to be. Contact Us today and let us help you:

  • Meet your technology use standards
  • Introduce technology standards to your district or individual classrooms
  • Configure site-wide and/or district networking
  • Implement Wireless Campuses, Voice-over-IP and Virtual Classrooms
  • Guide you through developing technology at your school or district

Our future is our youth. Contact Us today and together we can make a difference.

Healthcare IT
Networld healthcareit

Transforming IT Healthcare At Companies Of All Sizes.

Imagine that a patient has been referred to you from another Doctor or another Healthcare facility and that patient delivers all his medical history, including past exams, X-Rays and charts to you on a secure Flash Drive or directs you to a secure, HIPAA compliant web portal accessible on any smart device. Does your organization have the technology to facilitate the future of Connected Health?

As our Government continues to push Acts and steers initiatives to help improve our nation’s Healthcare Information Technology, think about your facility; are you prepared?

Starting in early January 2015, the HITECH (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) act has provided some penalties that could be considered a serious consequence to Healthcare organizations that do not adopt a compliant EMR System and transform all medical records into a electronic form. How are you addressing this?

We are here to help! Our Healthcare IT Consultants have helped transform IT at small, medium and large healthcare organizations. We understand the budgetary constraints that most medical facilities face and counter that obstacle with knowledge of implementing cost-effective solutions to maximize your budget. Our experience with EMR/EHR Systems and building highly available network infrastructure to efficiently run these systems, makes us the right Trusted Partner to guide you through your HealthcareIT initiatives.

Contact us today and let us assess your current HealthcareIT.

Managed Services
Networld managedservices

We Are Eager To Help You MapIT™.

Are you a small or medium business (SMB) that realize you need technology to operate efficiently and to compete effectively but find yourself overwhelmed with keeping up with ever-evolving technology? Do managing day-to-day IT tasks like backups, patches and updates, data security etc., keep you from focusing on your core competencies? Are IT Resources at your company scarce but you are reluctant to hire an onsite IT resource because of the expense?

Are you a decision-maker for an Enterprise organization who is overwhelmed with the complexity of managing ever-evolving networks and new and changing business requirements of the enterprise? Have you been challenged by your Executives to deliver the latest and greatest in technologies and performance but with a reduced budget for personnel and technology? Do you know what is going on inside your network at this moment?

Managed Services is your lifesaver. Why?

  • Managed Services Providers (MSPs) offer multiple solutions that can be customized to fit your specific business needs.
  • Managed Services subscription models give you more expense predictability than a consultant T&M billing model
  • Managed Services offer greater flexibility, technical advantage and risk sharing
  • Managed Services gives you the ability to concentrate on core competencies
  • Managed Services lets you offload specific IT operations to a service provider i.e. Email, Network Monitoring, Backups, CRM and many more Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions
  • Managed Services lets you offload Infrastructure management i.e. desktops, notebooks, servers, storage systems to an experienced MSP so you can concentrate on running your business, with fewer IT service interruptions

Our plans are available in three tiers:

Silver Plan: This plan was designed for our budget-sensitive clients that would like to know what is going on within their network, before it becomes a problem. This Monitoring Only plan is a flat fee, month to month plan that is calculated on a Per Device model. Onsite escalation will be charged by the hour at a discounted rate for our Silver Plan subscribers. Contact us today to schedule an assessment!

Gold Plan: This plan was designed to be a complete managed services offering for our Clients. Subscribers to this plan will receive unlimited remote support (regular business hours), next business day onsite escalation (regular business hours), and monitoring and patch management. This plan is a flat fee, month to month plan that is calculated on a Per Device or Per User model. Contact us today to schedule an assessment!

Platinum Plan: This plan was designed for our Critical Operations and Enterprise clients. This plan includes rapid response SLAs i.e. guaranteed thirty minute response times for remote support, same business day response for onsite work, 24/7 remote monitoring and Help Desk availability, and semi-annual Infrastructure baseline assessments. This plan is a flat fee, month to month plan that is calculated on a Per Device or Per User model. Contact us today to schedule an assessment.

Managed Services Features:

  • 24x7 remote monitoring
  • Weekly performance reporting of major systems
  • Helpdesk services via phone and email
  • Server maintenance
  • Network maintenance
  • Desktop maintenance
  • Storage and backup maintenance
  • Infrastructure Baseline Assessments

Are you looking to offload specific IT operations to a service provider i.e. Email, Network Monitoring, Backups, migrate on premises applications to Software as a Service (SaaS)?

Are you ready to offload Infrastructure management i.e. desktops, notebooks, servers, storage systems to an experienced managed services provider so you can concentrate on running your business, with fewer IT service interruptions?

We are eager to help you MapIT™. Contact a Networld Solutions consultant today to schedule an assessment.

IT Staffing
Networld itstaffing

Technology Comes First.

We realize there are many “Staffing Agencies” asking for your business. Why choose us? Networld Solutions is a Technology company first. We have provided IT Services for local and nationwide Companies for 20 years and enjoy making a difference with Technology. By proxy of the projects and relationships we have developed over the years, we've built an impressive Relationship Network of IT Professionals that would love to work in an environment like yours.

We live by this rule: If we wouldn't hire them to work our highly technical and visible projects, why would we present them to you?


There are many advantages to hiring temporary employees through NWS. For example, hiring temporary employees can provide a company with short-term assistance help with an increased work load. Or, a company might need to fill a vacancy due to medical leave. Temporary employees are great options for non-permanent project work or day to day production tasks.

Contract to Hire

We find that Contract to Hire works out best for our clients as they are able to "try before they buy". This gives the Hiring managers time to make sure the temporary employee is the right long-term fit for their organization, before making the commitment. Typically this is a six month agreement with no additional fees for a future buyout, after six months.


Finding the right employee for your Job Opening can be a time consuming and frustrating task. Let us take this off your plate and utilize our proven Vet7 recruiting processes to qualify candidates before presenting them to you. Would you rather sift thru hundreds of resumes or be presented the top, cream of the crop candidates to chose from? The choice is obvious.

Utilizing our provenVet7 recruiting process, NWS will quickly and accurately locate and present the right candidate to your organization. Our temporary, contract to hire or direct hire candidates are eager to make a difference within your team in skilled areas like these:

  • Applications Development
  • Desktop Support
  • Help Desk
  • Web Development
  • Network Systems/Administration
  • Database Design and Development
  • Network Design/Administration/Security
  • Business Analyst
  • CIO/CTO/IT Management
  • Solutions Architect
  • Database Administrators
  • Software Developers
  • Project Management
  • IT Management
  • Systems Engineering
Web Development
Networld webdevelopment

Working To Ensure Your Vision

It seems that almost anyone these days can build a website. However, it’s not just about building and publishing a website. It is about knowing and using the latest and most effective web technologies to transform your business through web application best-practice strategies. Whether you are looking to build a new website to establish your organization's web presence or build a highly functional and highly usable web application, it is important you consult with an industry leader and trusted partner.

Our team experts comprised of business, marketing, design and development consultants understand your website is a major part of your interface to customers, partners and employees. We will work diligently with you to ensure that your vision, complimented by our use-case experience, will make your company's online presence a recognized leader in your industry!

Our Capabilities Include:

  • Consulting
  • Database Development
  • Application Development
  • Application Integration
  • Website Development
  • e-Commerce
  • Hosting
  • Webmaster Services
  • Application Integration
  • SEO
Networld Servicesmodules

Custom Solutions for Your Business

Networld Solutions designs, implements, and manages complex e-business solutions, and delivers these systems with quality and customer satisfaction as a critical-success metric. We design custom solutions that work for your business, and then we provide the expert knowledge and support to implement and manage that solution.

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